Sometimes in the shopping goods people don’t shop because of the shortage of credit in their credit cards. People don’t shop some of the products while they want to have that. So after having a good research the retailers, wholesalers, sellers , companies and different businesses have find out a ways to help the customer to purchase that products even having not sufficient funds in their bank balance. They introduced the layaway lay down rule for the customers.

Layaway and lowdown rule hereby explain that a customer if want a specific product but his or her credit card fund does not support to buy that one, the retailer or another business will reserve that product for the customer or consumers and make a layaway lay down agreement with the customer to buy that product. In which now customer will first pay the down payment as per the requirement of a specific product. Then after paying the lump sum down payment of that product, later on submit the installments to fully acquire the product. In this agreement, each and every information are fully recorded in explaining all of the desired rules and regulation. For example the total price of the product, its total down payment. The amount of installment which the customer has to pay after a specific time period is also included in this agreement. Total no of installments and after how much time the product will be fully acquired by the customers. This information will make clear every ambiguous information which will prevent the customer and the seller both not t have disputes in their transactions. This agreement is beneficial for both customer and the seller.

For customer first it is good that he or she can acquire the product they want while before the introduction of this type of transaction people have to sacrifice their wants. And they don’t need to pay all the payment at the spot in just one installment rather difference in time of paying can help him more to earn money first then to pay after that. Hence customers can have a good benefit from the rule of layaway lay down.  If you want to get the best of shopping experience, then shop for the stylish fashion products at Johnston and Murphy coupon for clothing and shoes of premium kind.

Moreover from the seller’s point of view, seller gets the benefits that its products are being with the company anymore and selling out and obviously the seller will get the profit from these products, sell either way. And secondly by having layaway lay down rule seller can have loyal customers because customers will not switch to other brand due to the price consideration. And by doing this seller can attract more customer by convincing then to have the products if not having the right amount at that right time or purchase. And the agreement between the seller and the buyer make every transaction clear in front of both. Although customers have to pay somehow extra this can also be considered a disadvantage in this type of deals. But having the right analysis of cost and benefits, the final decision can be placed to have the product or not to have



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