Welcoming Winter with the new boots! Johnston and Murphy Style Fashion

I love having these new Lyla Chealsea Ankle Boots to wear as I say `Welcome, Winter` I adore winters dreamy slanted sunlight, rich colors, and crisp sweater-weather days. You might be a sandals person, but for me, the first boot-wearing day is always exciting. This is not the first time I have relied on Johnston and Murphy Coupon shoes to help me bridge seasons in style and comfort. In fact, my experience with this brand goes back a long time. So pour yourself a warm beverage and settle in for My Story of Many Lyla’s

Ten years ago, I was working at a museum, in a job that had a `no jeans` dress code and on-my-feet-all-day responsibilities. It took no time at all to realize my flimsy little flats were not going to cut it. And even some of my sturdier shoes left my feet and legs aching at the end of the day. Thankfully I’d hear about Lyla’s and their promise of support and comfort. Though they were a bit pricey for my low shoe budget, I splurged on a pair.

Let me tell you friends, it was money very well spent. I no longer ended my shift in pain, and the Johnston and Murphy’s Lyla’s lasted for years and still looked great. Over time I stalked sales and ended up with two more pairs (in case you’ve never shopped for them, they come in a bazillion styles and colors.)  I loved my Lyla Chealsea Ankle Boots and wore them to work and on weekends, with everything from jeans and sweaters to casual dresses, and always in total comfort.

What are the things I love about these Johnston and Murphy boots, Lyla Chelsea Ankle Boots?

  • They look great!Lyla Chelsea Ankle Boots legendary high quality is evident in these shoes. They’re not too casual, not too dressy. The smooth leather around the heel has a subtle metallic sheen that contrasts beautifully with suede on the rest of the shoe for a lovely (but subtle) two-tone effect.
  • Toe room– the rounded, slightly tapering toe looks stylish, but is more comfortable than pointier-toed boots. It has a good amount of width across the ball of the foot, a potential problem area for me.
  • Functioning buckles!I am a skinny-ankled girl, and many ankle boots look huge and floppy on me. I was happy to realize I could adjust the buckle on these to cinch them in a little. And women with fuller ankles will probably appreciate being able to find a little more room by making the opposite adjustment.
  • The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole does not clomp on hard floors, and it flexes in the forefoot, so walking is more comfortable than in a hard-soled heel.
  • Support and cushioning– both excellent! I was especially pleased to feel a good amount of cushion under the ball of my foot. It seems like even shoes with good arch support are sometimes lacking in this area.


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