Top 4 Countries with the Best Wholesale Shopping Spots Fashion

Wholesale shopping differs from retail shopping in the sense that the former looks for value in bulk, whereas retail shopping looks for value per wear. If you’re a starting clothing entrepreneur opening your first boutique and still sourcing out some of the best shopping spots for clothing and shoes, here are some Asian countries you might want to check out:

  1. Guangzhou, China

Who can say no to the big C? If affordable is what you’re looking for, then China has put all the stops. Guangzhou is a coastal area. Its location is strategic for trade and export. Most of the products from other provinces converge here. Step out their railroad station to the vibrant Baima market with all types of clothing from summer to winter wear. You can find wholesale women’s cape & poncho here. You can also find different varieties of winter clothing in areas like Xindadi, Zhangxi, and Hongmian Babugao, the most famous area for women’s clothing.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Haggle away! Here, bargaining is part of commerce. It’s not unethical at all. In fact, vendors jack up prices in advance in anticipation of the haggling battle between entrepreneurs. Even with wholesale shopping in mind, there’s room for really big bargains. Keep in mind that clothes are bundled by colors and styles. Most sellers don’t allow you to mix and match between batches. The most famous spots are Chatuchak, Saphat and Pratunam. Be prepared to get your feet wet literally though as zoning is not strict in these markets. Food stalls may very well sit beside clothing stalls.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kenanga Wholesale City is a constant crowd drawer not just among foreigners but even locals in search of cheap blouses, camisoles, dresses, women’s cape & poncho, and the like. Bring comfortable walking shoes as you browse through nine floors of clothing, shoes, and everything in between. Even outside the mall, there are still stalls located on the building’s perimeters manned by other wholesalers. Other areas in Kuala Lumpur include Nilai 3 Wholesale Center and Berjaya Times.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Dongdaemun Market is the mother of all retail shoppers. Most of the small shops in China get their stocks from this place. Dongaemun is a collection of buildings near the History and Culture Park of Seoul. Larger buildings include Doota and Migilore. Take note though that Dongdaemun is a night market, so schedule trips strategically at its height from 9:00 to 12:00 PM when most of the vendors are there. If you want to shop more quietly, go there at the wee hours of dawn. Shops are open until sunrise.

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