Tips for Giving Special Charms for Charm Bracelets Fashion

Jewellery is almost always a great gift for a woman in your life, including daughters of all ages. There are many types of jewellery which can be given from relatives or friends to a woman or girl, including charm bracelets. Here are six tips for finding the right charms for the owner of the bracelet.

Consider Hobbies

When looking for charms to add to someone’s charm bracelet, consider the things they like to do during their free time. If your mother or sister likes to read, perhaps a book charm would be a nice addition to their bracelet. For a younger woman or girl who plays sports or has a favourite animal, look for charms reflecting those interests or other activities with which she is involved.

Choose Birthstones

Some charms are available with a birthstone set into them. When a woman or girl you’re choosing a gift for has a charm bracelet, look for a birthday charm to remind her of a milestone birthday. If she doesn’t have a charm bracelet, give her one as a gift, with a charm featuring her birthstone on it to start off her collection.

Buy Bead Charms

Traditional charm bracelets accommodate charms which hang off of the bracelet. If the person you’re gifting a charm bracelet to has a job working with machinery or is in the healthcare field, the hanging jewellery could be dangerous or considered unsterile. Consider purchasing a charm bracelet with bead charms, such as those made by Troll Beads jewellery in the UK. Most of them slide over the bracelet instead of hanging from it.

Give Inspiration

There are charms which can inspire the person wearing them, such as religious symbols, good luck charms, or objects the wearer finds inspiring. It could be as simple as a butterfly charm, something to remind them of family or their favourite city to visit. When they are wearing the bracelet and see the charm, they can be strengthened or inspired by it.

In Remembrance

A charm to remind them of a friend or relative who has passed, whether recently or several years ago, could be a nice sentimental choice. You could even purchase a charm to remind them of current family members, such as parents or siblings, or even something she likes sharing with a good friend. As the years pass, these charms can bring back fond memories.

Buy Matching Jewellery

Instead of concentrating on charms for the bracelet, consider purchasing jewellery to match it. If the person you’re gifting has had their charm bracelet for a long time and you’re not sure which charms they have, find earrings or a necklace to complement the jewellery. You can choose a pendant to match one of the charms, or choose a gift in the same metal finish of the bracelet.

A charm bracelet can be a fun piece of jewellery to gift a younger woman or a girl on her birthday or for a holiday. Along with being gifted with charms, she can choose special ones for herself.


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