When purchasing a swimsuit for summer, there are several options available for women. There are many stylish swimsuits available for women of all ages and all body types. Here are six tips for purchasing a swimsuit to flatter your body.

Choose Patterned Swimwear

If there are parts of your body that you’re not happy with, consider a patterned swimsuit instead of a solid colour. A patterned suit can create optical illusions when wearing it, such as making your behind or bosom appear larger than they are. Take a friend shopping with you so that he or she can help select the type of patterned suit that looks best on you.

Find Swimwear with Ruching

To help make the tummy area look slimmer, choose a swimsuit with ruching. Pleats or a fluted or gathered design will create an optical illusion to hide your abdomen’s flaws. You should be able to find both solid colour and patterned swimwear with ruching online to help hide or draw the eyes away from your less-than-flattering features.

Use Good Lighting

When trying on swimwear, always do so in good lighting so that you can see what it will look like out in the sun. If you don’t want to try it on in a store, consider purchasing the suit and trying it on at home. Take your measurements before shopping in a store or online for swimwear so that you know exactly which size you need.

Spend Money on Quality

If you have a backyard pool, live by the beach, or spend time at the beach during the summer, then don’t buy budget swimwear. Spend the money on good-quality fabrics as they will endure more frequent wearing and exposure to water than the fabrics used for inexpensive swimsuits. A good-quality suit will last much longer so you won’t have to end up buying new swimwear before the summer ends.

Consider Separates

Not every woman has a symmetrical body, so when she purchases a bikini set, the bottoms or tops may not fit well. Instead of buying bikinis with both the tops and bottoms, try buying separate bikini tops and FELLA swim bikini bottoms to find a suit with a good fit. By purchasing separate tops and bottoms, you will be able to have a suit which fits as well on the bottom as it does on top.

Consider Activities

When purchasing swimwear, consider what type of activities you’ll be pursuing in it. Bodysurfing will require a different type of suit than chasing your children on the beach or sitting poolside with a cocktail. While a bikini may work well for poolside lounging, a one-piece suit may be best for frolicking in the surf.

As long as you know which swimsuit size to buy, you can purchase swimwear online and choose from a variety of styles, colours, patterns, and separates. While you can always return a suit if it doesn’t fit well, if you have accurate body measurements, you can reduce the hassle of returning a swimsuit and start wearing it for some fun in the sun.


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