Rakhi is a festival which is celebrated in India and with the migration of many Indians abroad it is a festival which is celebrated in many International destinations. However, very few people know about the rich history that comes along with this popular Indian festival. The country of India is famous for its rich culture and traditions.And people in the country pay a lot of importance to Familial traditions. During the festival of Rakshabandhan too people have family reunions, feastings and other familial activities. It is a most common sight for all the members of the family to celebrate the festival together with great pomp and joy.

Rakshabandhan is celebrated in honor of the revered brother- sister relationship which has always held a high importance in Indian society. On the day of the festival it is the custom for sisters to tie rakhis around the wrists of their brothers.And from this sacred ritual thread, Rakshabandhan is also popularly known as rakhi festival. The sisters also perform a traditional aarti ceremony and invoke the blessings of the gods for their brothers Rakshabandhan is a Sanskrit term which translates as “the tie or bond of protection.” After the rakhis have been tied, the brothers in return take a vow to protect and safeguard their sisters from all harm. Many examples from history can be found which illustrates this unique and wonderful tradition. The Indian king Porus protected Alexander the great in battlefield after Alexander’s wife tied a rakhi on his wrists. Another famous tale is that of the Mughal Emperor Humayun who rushed to help the Rani of Chittor after she sent a rakhi to him.

The traditions of Rakshabandhan have been popularly followed in the country throughout the ages. You will find markets strewn with a wide variety of rakhis such as Zardosi, Pearl, Kundan and other varieties, you can send rakhi to USA to your brother and bring out the culturally rich heritage of India. On the day of the festival the brothers also present their sisters with gifts in return for the rakhis. Traditionally the gifts were monetary but nowadays they range from all kind of gifts such as chocolates, cakes, jewelry and apparels.


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