If you own a restaurant, or perhaps a bakery, you will understand the risk of making the wrong decision, and by researching your market, the ambience and the food would be suitable. As with any business, the retail food industry is highly competitive, with many outlets, all vying for the business, which is limited. Aside from the marketing and décor, the way you present your food is a critical factor. Every retail outlet had limited space in which to showcase their menu, and if you get this one wrong, the business will suffer.

  • Incorrect Presentation – This is a real killer, as it doesn’t matter how good everything else is, if the food is not well presented, the consumer will not be tempted to try your wares. It isn’t just about display, as certain food products must be either frozen or chilled, ready to be used at any time. If your business is based in Australia, you can buy Williams freezers from Butler Equipment, a market leader in the supply of quality food display and storage solutions.
  • Poor Storage Facilities – Food must be kept in the right conditions for it to remain fresh and ready to use, and if for any reason, the food is substandard due to the storage conditions, this will be reflected in the final product.
  • The Wrong Menu – It is possible to get this wrong, as your location will determine who visits your establishment, and some owners think a certain line of produce would sell well, when in actual fact, people are not so interested in this. Market research should give you the required data, and your choice of produce will determine the success of the business, so there is no room for errors in this department.
  • Poor Service – Whether it is an eat in restaurant, or a cake shop, the level of service must be first class. Your staff should be well trained and have a pleasant and polite disposition, and any shortcomings in this area could be disastrous. A good manager will ensure that the staff are doing what they should, and with regular rewards and motivational meetings, your workers should feel they are a critical component of the business, which they actually are.
  • Slow Service – This can happen because is several factors, perhaps the counter staff are not organised, or it might be that the kitchen staff are not preparing adequate amounts, which means customers have to wait longer than normal. The manager should ensure each morning, that adequate stock is thawed and prepared for use, and by having a little extra, you will be able to handle the busy days. People do not like to wait, and with so many other outlets nearby, you really can’t afford to be slow in your process.

Running any food retail outlet is challenging at the best of times, and by avoiding the above mistakes, your business should reach sustainable growth and become a household name.


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