Learn The Types Before Buying Bowler Hats! Fashion

The trend of bowler hat which is also named as Derby in the U.S. seems reborn as many of the modern people have started looking for e shops to buy bowler hat. Though they may not be that aware of difference between varied types of bowler hat to make a right purchase for them. Before, we make you familiar with multiple bowler hat types, let us present some introduction of these hats.

Knowing the fact how old these hats are, you can better justify with the grace and significance of them as the first bowler hat was created in 1850 in London by George and James Lock of St. James Street hatters. The initially designs of these hats had been quite hard and it was a custom-made hats made mainly for royal game warden – William Coke II; therefore, people started calling it “Coke Hat” also for a short while.

The real designer who handled the first model “bowler hat” was William Bowler as that hat had a bowl like shape and the sur name of manufacturer was Bowler, it got the name “Bowler Hat” from “Coke Hat”. Today, there are several types and designs available for bowler hat. You can buy bowler hat matching with your outfit; be it formal or casual and men or women everyone can have it for them.

Buy Bowler Hats For Casual Looks-

If you wear a bowler hat with a casual dress, it will add up a flair to it. Women having grey or brown complex, these bowler hats may give them a look like a tomboy if are worn with men’s shirt and baggy jeans. You can also wear it with camisole top with blazer and trousers and a pair of leather flats. Men can have bowler hat with a shirt having short sleeves and jeans that would get a dashing look to them.

Get Formal Look With Bowler Hats-

To have a formal appearance wearing a bowler hat, woman should try a clean brown coloured bowler hat that should have jaunty angle. Pair it with a white coloured sundress and long heels. In addition, you may also go with a purple coloured bowler hat that looks terrific if paired with floral printed outfit with boots. You may cover the masculine appearance of the hat by wearing delicate jewellery.

Coming to men followers of bowler hats who want to have a formal look with them. While a night out, wear a bowler hat that is lined with attractive red satin ribbon that gives a light feel to other accessories.

Having Retro Appearance With Bowler Hats-

Buying vintage styled bowler hats, you can get a retro look. A look famous in the era when nobody had been preferring to go out without wearing a hat. A vintage bowler hat comes in light grey colour that looks brilliant if worn with three-piece classic suit. Men should wear this hat with a bow tie and women should wear bowler hat made of wool and pair it with baby-doll outfit to have retro look.

You can buy bowler hats easily from an online store as per your preference and styles suggested above and can mark your style at any occasion.


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