How to choose a hoodie to suit your body type Fashion

Your hoodie or sweatshirt come in varying designs and patterns, and the market today is flooded with plethora of brands which manufactures some amazing hoodies for you. Hoodies could come with a full-zipper, no zipper or half-zipper and it’s totally up to you as to which one you wish to pick. Whether it is non-designer hoodie sweatshirts or designer sweatshirts, you must be aware about certain basics about your favorite hoodies so as to pick the one that flatters your body type. So let’s get started.

  • Men’s v/s Women’s hoodies

Many consider hoodies as unisex clothing attire, but there are minor differences between men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies. Men’s hoodies generally come with a loose fit and doesn’t have any sort of oversized prints, embellishments etc. On the contrary, women’s hoodies are designed in a way that it flatters a woman’s curves, and they also come in vibrant colors and prints for a feminine touch.

  • Understanding your body shape

It is pretty much necessary to understand your body type so as to pick the one which looks the best on you. If you have a rectangular frame, opt for a fitted waist so as to add on the illusion of curves. Pear shapes people shall go for wide and round neckline and shall also make sure that the hem falls above your hips. In case of an hourglass figure, try and go for low necklines. People, who have an oval body shape, shall go for a sweatshirt waistline that doesn’t taper. Lastly, wedge shaped people should look out for thinner material and vertical detailing.

  • Colors

Although this depends entirely on one’s taste and preference, and you could always go for basic colors like navy, grey, black, brown etc. Also pay attention to your complexion while picking a color, you could go for vibrant shades like neon, hot pink etc, but make sure they suit you well.

  • Pairing them up

You could pair your hoodies with so many different bottoms, but make sure your bottom contrast well with the color of your hoodies. As far as your footwear is concerned, opt for sneakers, wedges, loafers etc.

  • Glam hoodies

If you are a woman who loves to accessorize, then you could opt for a hoodie which already comes with embellishments, glitter etc so that you don’t feel incomplete. Plus you could further enhance your look with a trendy watch, a nice bag and smart footwear.

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