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Indian is the place where designer sarees originated in the first place. In the present times, there are many alluring and beautiful sarees made in India that sport some of the best designs ever. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best and exciting Indian saree designs of all time that come with varied designs and awesome patterns.

So, if you are interested in Indian sarees, then the following discussed saree designs can be said to be suitable for you. Here we go!

  1. This pink saree is considered to be one of the finest-looking sarees of all time. The color is so attractive and elegant that most women will find this as totally sweet and will definitely want to wear almost everywhere they go. If you are looking for something that will make you look unique and different from the others, then this can get the job done for you. The pattern that this sports in the lower portion is one of the finest things about it and you will totally love the way this saree displays the gota embroidery on the pink fabric.
  2. This is a saree that sports a very attractive design done on it. The pattern and design that this particular saree sports in the body as well on the border portion can be said to be one of the most impressive things about it. If you are looking for something totally authentic, then this is the saree for you. The embroidery done on the pallu portion comes with the silver color and it is again one of the finest saree designs for you. The designer saree will go hand in hand with a good-looking blouse.
  3. This Indian saree comes with the green color and is definitely one of the finest sarees of all time. The pattern that this saree sports is beyond amazing and the silver colored work done in the border is also very impressive. If you are looking for a saree that will make you look alluring instantly, then this can be said to be the right thing for you as it is very vibrant and full of colors.
  4. This is a beautiful white saree that comes with the traditional Indian designs displayed on it. The red color floral patterns is what attracts the attention and they are again the prime artistic feature about this saree.
  5. India can be said to be the birthplace of different designer sarees. Hence, whatever you get here will be totally authentic. This cotton saree that comes with the color blue on it is definitely one of the best-looking Indian sarees that you will find here. This saree will make the wearer look like a complete fashion diva.
  6. This is an Indian saree that comes with some artistic pattern displayed on the edges and on the border portion and this is probably one of the finest things about this stunning saree that will impress everyone.

So, these are some of the top designs of Indian designer sarees that one can pick from for any kind of occasion.  However, the designs and patterns are latest and you can get a fair idea on how to go about it.

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