Asking someone to marry you can be very scary for some people. When you ask someone to marry you, you probably have a good idea as to whether that person will say yes; however, it’s not completely certain and it’s not an exact science. For that reason alone, many people are quite nervous about popping the question. But it’s slightly easier if you have a great ring that you know the other person will love. A great engagement ring proves that you know your potential spouse very well and care about making that person happy. Picking an engagement ring involves choosing a band material and picking stones. This article will help guide you during your decision-making process.

Picking a Band Material

Engagement rings in Houston are available in many different materials. Typically, they are available in white gold and/or platinum. Wedding bands are usually available in a wider array of materials, but engagement rings are usually only available in materials that are silver in colour. Obviously, you don’t have to adhere to these standards, but they are most common.

White gold is a great choice of material because it is non-reactive and non-corrosive. Also, gold is hypoallergenic. Many people are allergic to certain metals, like nickel or even platinum. If the person you are marrying is allergic to different metals, white gold is probably a good choice. White gold is also a very comfortable material for a ring, as gold is a little bit softer than other metals. While you might not notice it at first, wearing a ring for months on end can get to be somewhat uncomfortable. A slightly softer metal might actually move or stretch in very miniscule ways, and those tiny changes could actually make the ring more comfortable, especially because your finger size changes ever-so-slightly throughout the day.

Platinum, on the other hand, is one of the strongest metals that you can buy. Platinum is great for anyone who is worried about the ring getting scratched or bent. If you are at all worried that the ring might get broken or misshapen, you should buy platinum. It’s an incredibly hard metal that doesn’t damage easily.

Choosing Stones

Typically, engagement rings are available in single-stone and three-stone varieties. A single stone is great because it draws attention to the stone at the centre, whereas three-stone varieties create a more clustered effect. If your goal is to draw the eye to a specific diamond, your best bet is going to be a single-stone ring. However, if the goal is to make a ring that sparkles as brightly as possible, a three-stone ring is preferable. The larger number of stones obviously creates more of a glittering, sparkling effect. Also, you can have a flaw or two in the diamond, but it won’t be noticeable since there are two other diamonds present.

Choosing an engagement ring isn’t easy; however, with a little bit of consideration and research, you can make a good choice. You have to choose the band material and the number of stones. Gold is hypoallergenic and somewhat soft, whereas platinum is very resilient. Either one would make a great choice. Diamonds can stand alone or they can be part of a cluster. These options can help you create a specialised engagement ring for your future spouse.


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