If its summer and you are stuck for a good gift idea for your husband/boyfriend/brother or you can’t think what to get for Father’s Day then why not consider barbecue accessories? Outside cookery is definitely men territory and the more gadgets the better.

Most men think they can light a barbecue and when they find they can’t they resort to petrol or something equally nasty to get the thing going. I would therefore recommend a charcoal chimney. You should be able to find these on Amazon or at your local garden centre. The idea is that you fill the chimney at its base with newspaper and then on top of this you put the charcoal. When you light this it draws aid in at the base and quickly heats the coals to a good temperature for cooking. At this point you poor the coals out and arrange them for cooking.

You might also want to look at additional grills. I always found that the drill which came with our Webber barbecue had quite wide gaps between the wires and it was easy for some items to drop between these onto the coals. It you search around the internet or visit a good garden center you should be able to find some good replacement grills which sit on top of the original. One of the good things about these its that you can take them off and put them in the dishwasher when you’ve finished.
And don’t forget the basics, it’s always useful to have a good set of BBQ tools. I like one set for raw meat and another which I use for taking cooked meat off the BBQ. When buying BBQ tools look for good heat insulation on the handles, make sure they are dishwasher safe and also consider how you’ll store them. I like tools which I can hang from a hook either in the kitchen or the utility room.


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