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Flowers are the most common natural habitats found on the earth. This is the reason why they are one of the most preferred gifting items today. Flowers have been a part of every occasion, they can be found in the bouquets during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and as a part of the decoration in various events – the most common event where flowers are found is wedding.

Some flowers are very beautiful and are found rarely in the world. But today with the emergence of some well know flower suppliers such as Moyses Flowers even the rarest kind of the flowers can be easily availed. Moyses Flowers are known for providing the best flower delivery service in London.

Most of the flowers are very affordable, but some flowers are so rare in the world that you need to spend some huge bucks to get a hand on them. So, here are the most beautiful flowers in the world which may shed out heavy bucks from your pocket.

Kadupul Flower, Cost-Priceless : Kadupul flowers do not have any price tag behind it just not because it is rare, but the main reason behind this is that the flower cannot be picked up without causing any damage to it. In addition, the flower dies before dawn. Actually, this flower is a sort of cactus and it only blossoms in the night. It emanates a calming and lovely fragrance. The flower lasts for only an hour after it is plucked and it has never made to the shops, not even online. Kadupul is a type of flower which cannot be bought.

Juliet Rose, Cost-£ 3 Million or $ 15.8 Million Per Piece : After making debut in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show, Juliet Rose enchanted the world by its elegance and beauty. This flower was created by David Austin and it took him 15 long years to create this beautiful flower. This flower is also known as the £ 3 million rose.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, Cost – 1.68 Million Yuan Or $200,000 Per Stem : The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is a flower which was totally made by human hands this is why it was named after the group of researchers who had created it. It took 8 long years for the researchers to grow and observe the flowers. The high selling price of this flower is just not because of its rarity, cultivation, and background, but it is also due to its appearance. It takes around 4 to 5 years for this orchid to blossom which is why it is sold at a very high price.

Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid, Cost- $ 6000 Per Piece : The rarity and the beauty of the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid makes it one of the highly priced blossom. The flower consists of beautiful, long and green petals with red spots and it is only found in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. Besides the fact that it is found only in one place, the growing process is extremely difficult and pretty much long. The flower grows only between the months of April and May and it takes a lot of years to bloom completely. This rarity and expensiveness has earned the flower the title of “Gold of Kinabalu”.

Saffron Crocus, Cost- $1200-$1500 Per Pound : This flower is majorly known for being a spice rather than a bloom, but still, it is commonly sold as a flower. Basically, the Saffron is purple in color but its rich yellow stem makes it more unique. The reason behind this flower being so pricey is that it takes around 80,000 flowers just for developing 500 grams of spice from its yellow stem. There has always been a huge demand of Saffron spice but it takes a lot of time and skill for cultivating it.

So one thing is clear that most of the flowers which cater such a high selling price most probably due to their rarity and beauty. So if you want these flowers to be the glory of your occasion you will definitely have to spend some heavy bucks from your pocket.

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