In summer too men can walk in style and gain attention for being cool, handsome and fashionable. This is the season of colours and you can flaunt your fashionable outfits as well as fashion accessories to complete a formal or a casual look. The trendy chinos or the rugged jackets are there with different kinds of suits to suit your personality and physique.

Dressing up in summer

There are best looking products available in the markets that are not too heavy in the pocket as well. If you are a teenager going to college, you should not certainly miss the chic outfits that make you look more dashing and handsome. For you the options are vast and you can try out varieties of dresses. If you are in your mid 40’s, then there are varieties of mens suit for you available online. There’s a host of cool designs and thin jackets to complement your looks. These will give you that fine polished groom look you had perhaps enjoyed seeing yourself in days back. For those who do not enjoy going much into the sun, could add the hard-skinned caps to their shopping list and be sure not to miss these the next time you go shopping.

To make things simpler for you, we have put together a short guide that showcases the collection of outfits and accessories you can give a shot.


Those who are in blue collared jobs should find that best looking suits and blazers. These will complement their corporate look with fashionable collection of ties that go with their personality.


If you are a person who more often enjoys casual wear, try to select from the vast range of denims or other variants of jeans that flock the shelves of online apparel stores. Be it faded jeans or those unstitched variants, you have just an amazing collection to choose from. Choose the one that will match with your pullovers, sweatshirts or jackets.


Woollen socks come in a variety of prints and textures to give your feet the comfort you need. These come in different lengths and sizes – some are knee length while some just cover right up to your ankle. While some cover all your fingers together, there are variants you could try out that has a separate cap for the toe and covers the rest of the fingers together.


To complement the suits and blazers, try out the variety of ties that comes in different textures and prints. If the blazer comes with a textured finish, you can choose a tie with broad strips perhaps. Remember to wear that tie which suits your looks. Spotted, stripes, checked and printed as well as simple plain ties – there are a lot to pick up from.


College goers or those who want to sport that athletic look can don a cap as well. Caps come in different fabrics and fashion designs. Some are flat while some are bowed towards the front.


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