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Modern smartphones batteries have a much higher capacity than their predecessors do. However, mobile processors also develop, so even advanced batteries struggle to cope with the increased workload. Therefore, applications that promise to reduce power consumption of a battery will always be popular.

Unfortunately, not all of these apps actually perform the claimed function. Some of them are simply primitive task-killers that do more harm to the autonomy of the device than good. In this article, we have collected for you some proven apps that actually help you save that precious battery power. Though keep in mind that a lot depends on the battery installed in your phone so if you buy online latest Motorola phone, or latest Samsung phone, the battery will last longer than that installed in some no-name Chinese device.

Amplify Battery Extender

Every experienced user of Android knows that even at a time when their smartphone is not dealing with any difficult tasks, in the background there could be running dozens of different applications. Amplify allows to glimpse into the “secret life” of applications and restore some order there. You can control the frequency and the duration of processor awakenings, prohibit most voracious program to launch automatically, block the system services you do not need and much more. The program requires the superuser rights and Xposed Framework.

Battery Saver

This application was developed by AnTuTu, which is known for creating the most popular benchmark for Android. Unlike other programs in this review, Battery Saver offers a slightly different method of energy conservation by limiting the CPU frequency. You just need to specify how many percent of battery you want to save and then Battery Saver will reduce the processor speed to the required level allowing fulfilling your wish.


The developers of this app came up with an original technology that allows putting to sleep installed apps on your device so that they do not consume battery power. However, they remain quite functioning and can always be used for their intended purpose, which distinguishes this method from the so called “freezing” used by TitaniumBackup. To use the app, you have to have the root access.

GSam Battery Monitor

With GSam Battery Monitor you can set a total control over the use of the battery. This app will provide you with full details of all energy consumers, on the basis of which you can take action. While in itself this program is not able to save battery, the data collected by the app will help you find some weaknesses, due to which the battery consumption is increased.

Servicely (root only)

Servicely will help you cope with stubborn apps the background services of which constantly wake the processor and consume battery power for no reason. Servicely runs in the background and, at intervals that you specify, checks the list of running processes and services. If it finds the ones that you have added to the blocking list, it kills them. It is simple, but very effective. Naturally, Servicely requires the root-access.

So we hope you liked today’s article and now your smartphone will last longer. However, if you smartphone’s battery is old, there are only 2 solutions: to get a battery replacement or to get new phone and in this context we suggest you check out Motorola smartphone price online.

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