Removing Water spots from Car Paint

Try Prevention First
A better way is to avoid those water spots being left on your car’s paint finish after washing the car. Water spots are sometimes hard to see especially when really clean water has been used to rinse the car then wiped off with clean rag or cloth. Washing the car under the sun is the frequent cause of having those water spots. When it is really hot you will notice while wiping water residue from the car finish you could see steam coming off the area. This is like the last film of water being “cooked” under the sun on your cars body and will sometimes look like streaks. Water spot traces often occur on the tops of the car, directly exposed to the sun. While wiping water off with a single cloth, water is being absorbed making the cloth damp. Continuously wiping the car with same damp cloth causes some film of water being left behind on the paint. When it dries off water spot or mark would be evident. This could be avoided by using two or more dry cloths as follow-up after you’ve wiped with the first one. Another way would be using old newspaper but you will need to use a lot of it. Newspaper is best to use on windshields and glass to avoid water marks, streaks or spots, if there’s no rubber spatula for that purpose.

Removing the Water Spots

Now, to get those water spots off from the cars paint finish will require good eyes. You will need to view the car closely from different angles and distances to find them. The water spots are easier to see after the car has just been washed. If they have been there for several hours you will need to dust off the car to see them. When you are ready to wipe away those water spots or marks, be sure to have in one hand a damp sponge or cloth with a dry cloth or newspaper in the other hand. Lightly rub the water spot with the damp cloth or sponge until you see marks gone then immediately wipe the area with dry cloth or newspaper. Remember here that we are only dealing with water spots or marks. For other substances or liquids that have dried or stained your cars paint finish, this might not work on some of them.

After getting rid of the water spots it is advisable to buff the entire car finish over. While the car is clean and devoid of water marks, a good way to avoid water spots in the future is to apply a good quality car paint wax. Apply the car wax under a shade to avoid streaking or premature drying of the wax that might be difficult to buff away. Be sure to follow instructions in buffing the wax. It prevents water from sticking on the paint even letting small drops of water roll off the cars paint.

Top 3 Bridesmaid gifts

Before you were a bride-to-be, your friends were there for you. Whether it was that phone call after you kissed another frog, or the anticipation of the big proposal, they’ve seen it all. Now, as your bridesmaids, they’ll be with you through the best and the worst of wedding planning. So how can you show your appreciation? Try one of these three gift ideas.

The Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit
Perfect for the big day (and after), the Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit has everything a girl could need. Whether it’s a hair brush, earring backs, or a breath freshener, this pack of 20 items has what she needs for a quick fix.

Bridesmaid tanks
Spruce up the bachelorette night with fun, flirty tanks. The tanks have the words bridesmaid and maid of honor in jeweled lettering and come in many colors. You can purchase these tanks at most wedding websites and stores, too.

One of the most popular gifts for bridesmaids is a necklace. It’s a simple addition to that beautiful gown, but also, something she can wear again. Choose from a delicate stone, or a necklace you can engrave; the options are endless.

Barbecue accessories make great gift ideas for men.

If its summer and you are stuck for a good gift idea for your husband/boyfriend/brother or you can’t think what to get for Father’s Day then why not consider barbecue accessories? Outside cookery is definitely men territory and the more gadgets the better.

Most men think they can light a barbecue and when they find they can’t they resort to petrol or something equally nasty to get the thing going. I would therefore recommend a charcoal chimney. You should be able to find these on Amazon or at your local garden centre. The idea is that you fill the chimney at its base with newspaper and then on top of this you put the charcoal. When you light this it draws aid in at the base and quickly heats the coals to a good temperature for cooking. At this point you poor the coals out and arrange them for cooking.

You might also want to look at additional grills. I always found that the drill which came with our Webber barbecue had quite wide gaps between the wires and it was easy for some items to drop between these onto the coals. It you search around the internet or visit a good garden center you should be able to find some good replacement grills which sit on top of the original. One of the good things about these its that you can take them off and put them in the dishwasher when you’ve finished.
And don’t forget the basics, it’s always useful to have a good set of BBQ tools. I like one set for raw meat and another which I use for taking cooked meat off the BBQ. When buying BBQ tools look for good heat insulation on the handles, make sure they are dishwasher safe and also consider how you’ll store them. I like tools which I can hang from a hook either in the kitchen or the utility room.

Make Money From Your Motor – How to Sell a Used Car

Car buyers have a wealth of choice when it comes to buying a used car, whether through the classified ads in local papers, any of the second-hand car dealers in their area or from the massive range held by so-called ‘car supermarkets’. The painful truth is that some cars sell very quickly whilst others take forever. Knowing how to sell a used car the right way can ensure a quick car sale at the right price.

One invaluable piece of advice when it comes to selling a used car is to change your mind-set from that of the seller to that of the buyer. Imagine that you are seeing the car that you want to sell for the very first time. Imagine that you were interested in buying a car of this make and model. What would make you think twice about buying the car that you’re trying to sell? Be honest. If you can identify anything about the car that would put you off buying it, then so can your potential purchasers.

To help you, here are some guidelines that will show you how to sell a used car easily and profitably whether to a private buyer or to a dealer.

1. Ensure the used car is mechanically sound

If you want to obtain the best price for your used car, purchasers must be satisfied that it is in a reliable, roadworthy and safe condition. Get it fully serviced or at least inspected by a qualified mechanic prior to sale so that potential problems can be identified and fixed. A recent MOT pass will help a used car help more easily, as will the presence of a full service history. An oil change will help if this hasn’t been done for a long time and it wouldn’t harm a sale to replace worn windscreen wiper blades and to top up tyre pressure, oil, water, screen wash and brake fluid if necessary.

2. Thoroughly valet the used car’s interior

Begin by removing any loose rubbish such as sweet wrappers, receipts, stones and twigs from the floor of the car. Empty the glove box; all that needs to be in there is the car owner’s manual and the paperwork. Check any other storage compartments that the car may have and remove CDs, maps, loose change and anything else that might be in there. Run your hands down the backs of the car’s seats and remove any junk you find. Once all of the larger items have been removed, thoroughly vacuum the car’s interior. Wash any removable mats if necessary. Now you can concentrate on cleaning the upholstery, dashboard, doors and glass inside. A spotlessly clean and fresh-smelling car interior can make a huge difference when selling a used car.

3. Wash and polish the used car’s exterior

There’s truth in the old saying that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression and making your used car look as good as possible at first sight can help your chances of sale immeasurably. Many carwashes now provide a complete wash and wax-polishing cycle, but if this isn’t practical do it yourself. Don’t forget to polish all glass including windows, headlights, rear lights and mirrors. Replace missing or damaged hub caps. Blacking tyres isn’t necessary unless they are really scruffy and detract from the overall appearance of the car; some buyers are suspicious about newly-blacked tyres. Don’t forget to remove any twigs or leaves that have collected around air inlets, and make sure that the licence plates are clean and bright. Cosmetic scratches in the paintwork may be treatable with a ‘scratch-pen’ or T-Cut; anything deeper that exposes primer or bare metal should be attended to by a bodywork specialist. Don’t forget to empty and clean the used car’s boot.

4. Gather together all of the used car’s paperwork

Ownership/registration documents, MOT certificates, service records and receipts, insurance documents, the owner’s manual and any other documents pertaining to the car should be collected together and placed in a folder or suchlike so that they can all be easily accessed by a potential buyer.

5. Find out exactly what the used car is worth and decide on a selling price

Ideally you want to sell a used car at a price that is attractive to buyers but is neither too high nor too low. Check out classified ads and car magazines to get a feel for the price at which cars of your make, model, age and mileage generally sell. You can also get a free online valuation and market price check from the respected Glass’s Guide at

6. Take flattering photos of the used car for use in sales ads

Taking pictures of a clean and polished used car on a bright sunlit day and from a variety of angles that show it off at its best will massively increase the effectiveness of newspaper and online advertisements, giving potential buyers a good indication of the quality of the used car that you’re selling and raise their interest.

Elegance Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots now turn out to be extremely famous in these days. They are originally forms in the Victorian period and these eras were very common and popular. Theses footwear is closely appropriate ankle boots that can be tatty by both women and men. The original idea of these foot wears was for horse ridding. These boots were simple to slip off and on, however providing great stability and as well extremely functional. Their major style return was in the 1962s. This was means for their fame; they have turn out to huge part of individuals association by 1960s style.

Men’s Chelsea boots
Chelsea boost normally have a small heel, and are pretty plain in their look. They do not depend on buckles and zip to get attention. Their fashion comes up from their elegance and simplicity. They simplicity and elegance create them a useful piece of boots that suits a lot of dissimilar clothes. Whether they are wearing with a casual coupe of trousers or a full suite they well in. this is as its complex for them to seem out position with their clean and simple design. They be able to even worn with no socks because they are turn up to the ankle. This creates them an extremely comfortable and practical boot.
Men’s Chelsea boots are now in these days come back in style and currently extremely popular footwear for both women and men. If your are considering about buying a pair of these footwear at the present is a very good era because of the huge selection obtainable. While these Chelsea footwear moves toward in out of fashion over the previous forty years, they absolutely look there to stay!
The most famous fashion of these boots normally comes in customary color of dark brown and black.

How To Maintain Healthy Nails

With the variety of solutions and chemicals you get your nails in contact with, you might notice that they’ve become dry, brittle, and easily get broken or chip off. These are signs that your nails are not healthy and you need to get them to tip top health before the damage becomes permanent or before you get serious infections due to breaks in your cuticle or due for fungal formations in and around your nails. Here are some simple and practical tips to maintain healthy nails.

Protect Your Nails From Harsh Chemicals

Before to performing typical household chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry or prior to handling any cleaning solution – including detergent, bleach, and other cleaning agents – be sure to don protective gloves first. These chemicals are not only skin irritants but they can hurt your nails and cuticle as well.

Trim Regularly

Trimming regularly is key to maintaining healthy nails. It is best to trim your nails when they are soft and flexible, like after taking a bath. After trimming, file the edges to get a smooth finish.

Leave Your Cuticles Alone

Whether you do your nails by yourself or have a professional stylist do it, it is best to leave your cuticles undisturbed. That means not cutting them or pushing them backwards. Cuticles are natural barriers against infection. Once there is disruption in cuticle integrity, your nail beds become very easy targets for infection.

Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Remover

Acetone strips your nails of keratin, leaving them dry and prone to breakage. It is advised to limit acetone-based nail remover to not more than once every week. Also, it is preferable to use non-acetone based removers that have moisturizer in them.

Use Hand and Nail Moisturizer

To keep your nails moisturized, massage moisturizing lotion to your cuticles and nails when you apply them to your hands. To achieve optimum benefits, apply a moisturizing cream/lotion every after you wash your hands and right before you go to bed. Some advocates rubbing petroleum jelly to your cuticles and nails but a good moisturizing lotion will usually suffice.

Do Not Share Nail Tools

Sharing manicure/pedicure tools with another person is like sharing needles with a patient – it is unhygienic and dangerous as it makes you prone to sharing infections as well. Do not share your own tools nor borrow someone else’s tools when you do nail care. If you rely on salon services to take care of your nails, make sure that the technician thoroughly sterilizes her tools prior to servicing you; otherwise, you can bring your own tools.

Women and Hair loss

Hair loss is a problem associated with men. Although most people consider this as something some men naturally go through, it’s a condition that is seldom discussed by women. Yes, women like men have their share of hair loss problems. This might not be as visible as their male counterparts but its effects on their self esteem should not be underestimated.

Hair loss or thinning of hair can be a nightmarish experience for any woman. Hair loss might not be as visible or lead to baldness as those seen in men, women who experience significant hair loss is possible.

The mechanisms that lead to hair loss in both men and women are similar. However, men are more likely to suffer from hair loss because of genetics. A history of hair loss or baldness makes them a sure candidate. But for women, here are the causes for hair loss.


Many women today find themselves balancing between work and home. They don’t only have to perform at the office but also have to be a mother. Stress is a psychological condition that could significant physical changes in the body. Adrenaline is released during high stress situations. This is why hair often falls out during periods of stress. The condition however, is temporary.

Hormonal Changes

Women experience numerous hormonal changes during their life. A sudden change in hormone levels leads to hair loss. Major hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, abortion and childbirth. Sudden spikes in hormone levels could destroy the body’s delicate balance leading to hair loss.

Medications and Health Conditions

Some drugs and treatments could lead to hair loss. Those used in cancer treatment in particular can lead to temporary baldness. Medications prescribed for those suffering from arthritis, depression or blood pressure can also be factors for hair loss. To understand this better, discuss with your physician possible side effects.

Improper Diet

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is essential for optimum body functioning. Hair growth requires fuel and this comes from the nutrients we get from food. Diets low on protein and iron leads to temporary hair loss. Eating a healthy diet could quickly turn this around.


Men who suffer from baldness or hair loss are often traced to hereditary factors. But some women although rare also suffer from similar conditions.

Other factors that are known to cause hair loss in women include hair treatments, poor blood circulation and chemicals used for hair preparations. Shampoos, excessive combing and harmful sun rays can lead to hair fall.

Hair loss continues to be a major concern for women. Men also suffer from hair loss but society is quicker to accept a balding male. Hair loss could be treated and professional help is available from your doctors. They will help you identify the cause and develop an effective treatment strategy for hair loss.

Eat Healthy When You’re Pregnant-Follow Some Quick Tips

For a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet is always necessary. But when you’re pregnant, you need to be more careful about what you’re eating and does the food offering you any benefit? A healthy dietary plan during pregnancy will keep you fit and well, and also provides the needed support to grow and develop your baby.

It’s not hard and fast rule that you have to follow a very strict diet plan during pregnancy. All you have to do is to eat a variety of foods every day to attain the right nutritional balance needed by your body and your unborn baby. Not only the foods, should you also take needed number of food supplements that will assure you that you are getting the actual things in prescribed amount. You can take iron and folic acid supplements. Iron keeps your blood healthy, and folic acid helps in preventing birth defects. But remember, before taking any supplement; confirm it with your health care provider.

Most women ask for more food to eat during pregnancy than a healthy diet in order to serve their growing child inside them. Well, that’s actually not needed. Though, you feel to be more hungry during pregnancy, but it’s doesn’t mean that you should eat for two. Only few additives could make the requirement fulfill.

For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you should never skip your breakfast in any condition. If you don’t want to have a heavy breakfast, try prepared cereals with some fruit. The cereals contain iron, calcium and additional nutrients which are quite good for your body. If you are facing morning sickness, then try whole-grain toast at first. Once you feel good, you can have more food later in the morning.

Once you set to follow the pregnancy diet plan, assure to check that it must include fiber rich foods like vegetables like spinach, peas and fruits like bananas. Also, you can pick the fiber rich foods like whole grains and beans. During pregnancy, it is always recommended having small meals at frequent intervals. If you are facing hunger frequently, choose only healthy snacks. You can choose low-fat yoghurt with fruit or either you can have some whole-grain crackers with fat-free cheese.

If you like to eat seafood, consume it in recommended amount and not above than that. Avoid certain fish like shellfish as it contains high level of mercury which is quite hazardous for your health as well the health of your unborn baby. Along with the fish, try to avoid consuming soft cheeses like feta or goat cheese, as they contain bacteria which can easily hurt your baby. Never try uncooked or undercooked meat or fish.

Limit your caffeine intake to a maximum extent. Heavy caffeine dosages can lead you towards more serious problems than any particular benefits. Prefer to avoid alcohol as it can harm your unborn child. Instead of soda drinks, prefer drinking water.

Once you prepare yourself on the follow up of pregnancy healthy tips, you are almost ready to face the hardships involved in pregnancy. Remember, for a healthy pregnancy, you need to make both your mind and body healthy, and that can only be done through healthy dietary habits.


Getting car insurance is mandatory in some states; almost every country in the world is making steps to ensure that their citizens have car insurance for the safety and financial purposes.

However, car insurance can sometimes put a serious dent in the cash flow and because of this it is important to learn ways on how to reduce the amount of the car insurance to be paid.

There is a need to understand the laws that are connected with car insurance, it is like applying for a provisional driving licence, you need to understand how the system works in order to make sure that you will be able to get complete the application process.

Steps to save on Car insurance:

1. Understand the kind of insurance you are getting:

There are different types of car insurance that will be offered, some will only serve one purpose while some insurance policies are already bundled. In the past Third party types of insurance are the ones that are considered to be the cheapest but nowadays the full comprehensive policies are cheaper.

In order to be able to decide on which one is the best, it would be better to get a quote on both of this insurance policies.

A third party insurance cover for example is able to cover assistance when it comes to stolen cars or if someone sets fire on the vehicle while the fully comprehensive type of insurance offers a wider level of cover.

The best thing about the fully comprehensive cover is that even though the damage was the fault of the owner the insurance company will still cover the cost of repair, injury costs as well as those of the other driver.

2. Make the insurance company believe that you pose a lesser risk

Insurance companies will provide better offers if the client is able to convince them that they are a safe driver.

The perception of the risk the owner will encounter has to be low.

Clients can lower the cost of the insurance if they can ensure the insurance company that they can park and drive carefully, if they are able to provide a clean driving record and if their car is in a good working condition then a discount is easier to get.

3. Park your car in a safe environment

Make sure that the car is parked at a low risk environment; it should not just be parked out in the streets. It would be best if you can show insurance agents that the car is parked in a garage or a driveway.

This can lessen the accidental damage; it can immediately result to a 3% to &% discount on the insurance costs depending on the rules and regulations of the insurance company.

4. If insuring someone under 25 do this:

If the car owner is under 25, the car insurance can cost higher and because of this it would be better to get a second driver to insure. The second driver needs to have a good record; even if they will not use the car often it can reduce the amount of the insurance.

Not all companies will allow this but it would be best to ask first before proceeding with the payment process.

5. Select an efficient car

If you have not purchased the vehicle yet, make sure to consider the engine size, the model of the car and how it will impact the insurance cost.

Best Gifts For Fashionistas

When it comes to choosing a gift there are two types of people, those that know what they’re doing and those that don’t. When you are thinking about choosing a present, there are lots of things you’ll need to think about. Price, what they’re into, whether they’ll appreciate it and whether it’ll suit them. If you’re buying clothes or an outfit, it gets even tougher and there’s a reason most people keep their receipt when they buy an outfit. Buying clothes for yourself can be difficult enough as it is, so you can imagine the difficulty in buying things for others. You need to think about their size, what type of outfits they like and would buy for themselves and also what’s in fashion right now. There are lots of style blogs out there which you can draw inspiration from, but here are our top tips for buying gifts for a fashionista.

What is she into?
All fashionistas are not made equal and the whole point is to be individual with your style and taste. Take a good long look at what they tend to wear, is she more into extravagant pieces like ponchos and elaborate neck scarves, or is she more into the chic simple look. Whatever gift you pick out make sure it compliments her overall style and look.

What’s fashionable?
As the name suggests a fashionista is in to fashion, and what’s fashionable, just so long as they can customize it with their own style. When looking for a gift for a fashionista its always a good decision to pick something that’s in style at the moment and some thing that can work with multiple outfits as any fashionista worth their salt will want to customize the gift and create as many new outfits out of it as possible.